VSCO - What About 03

A quick follow up to my post about VSCO black and white. Someone shot me a question about VSCO film pack 03 in the context of that post - specifically how fade-y and blurry and effect-y it might be considering it is probably the most extreme of the three film emulation packs they produce. As I have said a few times - yep, can be all low dmax, effecty, old-crappy-instgramy if you want it to but it doesn't have to. That's why I like it. Actually why I like all of them. Not a couple of one trick ponies.

Instead of a bunch of words here are a random smattering of recipes I just made up from film 03 that are not what most of you would expect from a polaroid emulation preset product. Without even digging into the guts - just using the presets and toolkit. The image at the top is color just for variety. For consistency it's the same image I used last time. The recipe? Surprise, surprise it's from the most instagram-y set of VSCO film 03 presets - the "consumer" group. Polaroid time-zero expired—. That takes a whole lot of the instagram-y-ness out along with some of the other effects. You can put a few back in with the 03 toolkit. I did here with clarity down, sharpness down+, and old lens.

Here are a few black and whites like last time. Next up is Polaroid 665 negative. Not even the one of minus versions.

and here's Polaroid 665 with Polaroid 665 warm 1.

Another from the instagram-y set next. Impossible PX-70 UV warm– with clarity down, sharpness down, grain none, and… PX warm toning.

Quite a bit different look from a lot of the conversions. Might be nice for a project I am working on. Mental note to self. To wrap it up here's strait up Fuji 3000b HC. Not way out there low low dmax nor all instagram-y.

See, not all photos using VSCO have to look the same. Of course you can do anything you like outside the toolkit I didn't do anything that's not part of the presets at all for these. One of the very very few things I have seen on the VSCO blog that doesn't have a fade-y low dmax look with the low small head at bottom of frame kinda trendy anti-composition thing was actually posted today. Of course it's from LaRoque and if I remember correctly he used film 03 as a baseline for the look. I like it… a lot.


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