VSCO - One Mo For The Road

Yet another follow up to the VSCO thing I wanted to throw out there to counter some biases that a lot of people have towards those particular presets. I swear this will be quick. I may as well show you what VSCO film 02 looks like from a feel point of view. Specifically because this just came up on twitter for someone that owns 01 and 03 wondering if 02 was worthwhile.

The image at the top is from film 01 - same old same old for continuity. It's 400H strait OOC with that one preset. No other toolkit items nothin'. Here is a quick run through of The Fuji emulations in 02 - just the base versions.

Fuji Superia 100

Fuji Superia 400

Fuji Superia 800

Fuji Superia 1600

Now for the Kodak stuff. First off Portra 160NC

Portra 160VC

Portra 400NC

Portra 400UC

Portra 400VC

The black and white stuff in 02 are in one of my previous posts here specifically the Delta 3200 and Neopan 1600.


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