The Ricoh GR

So… very shortly we will have the new Ricoh GR. No numbers at the end just the GR. At first glance I wouldn't pay this camera any attention. The new Nikon A wasn't something that I thought about buying. It's a step in the right direction from a size point of view. The Ricoh GR is pretty much the same camera at first glance but then again it's not.

Yep they pretty much use the same sensor and have about the same lens. One may be slightly better than the other optically. Pixel peepers will be all hot and bothered about the removal of the anti-aliasing filter on the Ricoh. Not me. In fact both of the cameras are a no-go for me. No viewfinder… I consider the Nikon A in the same price class as the Fuji X100S and I will take the one with a viewfinder any day of the week.

The Ricoh doesn't have a viewfinder either but the big difference is the price. A significant drop compared to the $1000+ class of camera. Did you see the list price on the little bugger? Not a whole lot more than the previous GR IV. An APS-C compact with a nicely built body, reasonable ergonomics, a good lens for about the cost of a high-end micro-sensor camera? Awesome. If they dip into the $600 territory I may even buy one just because they are so so small.

Will it ever compete in my mind with the Fuji X100? Not unless they put a viewfinder on it but I think what is looking like a size/performance/price war in this category is a huge win for all of us that have been longing for cameras like this. Will this mean a DP-1 and DP-2 Merril at $500 for us? Will it mean a Sony RX-10 with the 24 Megapixel D7100 sensor and a Zeiss prime at $600? Who knows but this category seems to really be heating up. I hope they do something about the viewfinder issue though. Then it will really be a horse race.


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