Fuji X100S Follow-Up

Seems my first impressions of the X100S was not just me. After someone commented that there was some sort of firmware change I did a bit of research and guess what…

There seems to be a consensus that the X100S cameras shipping as of sometime in March are absolutely different than the very first ones delivered. The general thought is that any camera with v1.01 software is about the same or worse in terms of focus speed than cameras with the v1.00 software. My experience is that it's about the same. On some occasions in some circumstances the X100S is very quick to focus. The usual MO is that the very first time it focuses on some object it's about the same as the old camera now. Subsequently focusing on the exact same object at a very similar distance can be much quicker but more often than not it goes through the whole wrrrrrt-wrrrt-wrrrrrt thing just like the old one does.

I tend to believe as a few others have speculated that Fuji somehow accidentally broke the phase detect stuff and now the camera falls back to contrast detect at the drop of a hat. The more conspiracy oriented folks out there have concocted a notion that Fuji did it on purpose for some obscure, dark, demented, and evil plan. As far as I can see the v1.01 software is not available for owners of V1.00 cameras to self-downgrade so I have to believe that it's a complete and utter fork-up on Fuji's part that they are attempting to fix along with some minor glitches that seem to have been "fixed" in the v1.01 debacle. If it was some sort of evil plan I would think Fuji would be encouraging all owners of the camera to load the evil software.

We'll see. I hope it's back to what it should be soon. It was quite a let down to have a camera lauded as the second coming with everything wonderful in the world by just about every reviewer and photographer that touched the thing perform about the same as the old one. I still have some reservations about the chosen operational sequence that Fuji software developers have chosen as well as some really dumb-ass shit like the lack of shutter speed display prior to half shutter press in aperture priority mode, etc. I hope things like that are dealt with as well.

I am going to hold off on a full review of the new camera until there is some bottom line on this speed reduction. Specifically weather it's an intentional change that Fuji plans to leave this way or, as I hope and just a typical screw-up that was rushed out the door and then discovered. Really? I swear there is nobody that would handle both the old and new camera and swear they were not the same one. It's hard to imagine that anyone at Fuji could have even casually tested this "fix" and not noticed something was really, really wrong. I guess that's how the proponents of the "evil plan" justify their thoughts on the matter.


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