VSCO Window Light Give-away

We have a winner.

Dale was customer number 135 of my very first lighting field guide and he wins a free copy of VSCO film. I was in touch with him yesterday and he should be all setup and ready to go with his very own Visual Supply account as well as a copy of VSCO film 02 for Lightroom 4. That was his choice which I found interesting…

Not a bad prize if I have to say so myself - $119 set of presets that are pretty neat. Considering I am not officially sponsored by anyone (well I sort of am via a third party circle of stuff but nothing I talk about or endorse here).

I find his choice of film pack interesting only within my own frame of reference - In fact the image at the top is the one and only image I have ever posted on this site using 02 and then only because it happened to be Dale's choice. Don't get me wrong, it's great but for some reason I just gravitate towards 01. LaRoque seems to gravitate towards 02 - well I think he does as the way that individual users tend to use the same exact set of presets is all over the map. Sometimes it's actually hard to tell.

In case you just need to know - the recipe for the image at the top was VSCO film 02 - Portra 160VC++, contrast+, exposure down 0.33. That's it.

Moving on to the winner. Please join me in congratulating Dale in his win by moseying on over to his Flickr stream and checking out his current work. He has some pretty cool shots. He describes his current interest as urban landscape and really wants to start working on portraits in the mix - hence his interest in the field guide. I for one cannot wait to see what he makes.

Also would love to hear what he thinks of his new set of toys for Lightroom4 once he has a chance to play with them a bit.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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