Who Wants To Buy My X100

So who wants a really really great deal on a perfectly good Fuji X100? It works fine, two great batteries, a brand new never used lens cap, takes really good pictures, it's really fun. Heck I liked it way better than my X-Pro-1 - that's while it's still here. So why would I sell it?

Well… In one of my minute to minute flip-flops on X100S or not I happened to be too close to the buy it now button so boom - I am now in line to receive one when they finally ship in the USA. WTF? How can I buy them from people in freaking Hong freaking Kong for like the last month? Boats really take that long? Really? Bullshit.

In any case I will probably not put it on eBay and probably won't let it go until my new one gets here and I am sure it works okay but I really could not stand to be without one for too long. Like a day. If nobody wants and I judge that I cannot find a decent home for it then maybe I will just keep it in case the old one breaks or something - but cameras that never get used really bother me. They make me feel guilty or something… Let me know if you have a good home for it.

Oh one other thing - only a week left for the VSCO film pack give-away. If you haven't grabbed a copy of my the first in a series of lighting field guides do it soon. Heck - a bargain at twice the price - well at least that is what a couple of kind hearted people have told me. Next one is coming soon. I might be done shooting illustrations for it this coming Monday - maybe. I guess that's what happens when you change course mid-stream and decide that the whole thing needs to be re-sorted and is too complicated to start off with… The first one is one and only one light. Definitely best to start with.

Too bad I accidentally got carried away shooting for it in January and February and went way way overboard with stuff a lot of people are just not going to bother with until they get hooked… or are luny like me. I hope another couple of dedicated days will do it.


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