Fuji X100 - Thoughts Of The Day

So I have had pretty much a whole week and I am still vacillating on virtually a minute by minute basis on whether I should drop the cash and upgrade my Fuji X100 to the newer faster more better-er X100S. There is a new third option inserted in the two state vacillation. Let's call this the fence sitting option.

One second I am hovering over the "gimmie it button" and the next I am at - what the hell am I doing… I don't need it and it really won't do anything for me. I don't really believe that that little second shot delay due to re-re-re-doing stuff as well as the EVF laggy-ness, as well as the jerky-ness/lockout while writing files is really and completely gone… but what if it is?

The new state is hmmmmm… let's just wait and see a bit before doing anything. If it is gone then it's a go. If not… meh. Does that count as a no go decision? Maybe. Sometimes it seems more like screw it let me just see for myself and sell it if it doesn't do anything. At least it will get it off my mind.

Enough already. On to the real thoughts and a question for a few of you X100 shooters, fellow X100S fence sitters, and enthusiasts. Ever since I started taking my X100 everywhere I have another flip-flop going on that has nothing to do with the X100S. Specifically to hood or not to hood you know the rest of the phrase. The hood really isn't functional in any optical way as far as I can see. Well maybe it is in 0.00000000001% of some theoretical shot in some make believe world where it will some how save my ass for that one shot and then cease to do anything at all the rest of the time.

Here's my flip-flop. The hoody-thing adds significant overall girth to the camera. Without hood it's extremely thin. With hood… not so. I don't really care about the cap except for when I am actually using the camera it seems the front element is sooooo out there and unprotected from fingers, scratching against stuff, etc w/o hood. So I don't really want to be shoot - reattach cap - take off cap - shoot - replace. Hence why I bother with the hood at all. I am in a state of half the time taking it with the cap (nothing bad has happened yet even though I sort of take the cap off for the foreseeable shooting time. Like all day). The other half of the time I leave the cap at home attach the hood and that's how I roll for the entire venture. All day or all week if I am away = sans cap.

I then get sick of the extra width which makes it harder to stow-away and reverse my operation for a while. What do you guys think? Hood, no hood. Have you come to a resting place with your X100? This is one thing the X100S will not solve.

Speaking of the lens on the X100. I truly love this lens. It's crazy sharp if you want it to be but has some really interesting non-clinical properties at f2 and a lesser extent at f2.8 like flare and pretty-ness going on that I absolutely love. It's also something that I can continue getting to know really really well for a very very long time. I like nuance like this and variable character in my optics. Not so easy to find in new lenses. Heck I want Fuji to do more of this thing. Not just optical "badness" but goodness mixed in with signature and nuance that can be influenced and controlled to a high degree.

I hope fuji doesn't change this. I have never owned the XF 18mm but I am assuming the internet quotes of ho-hum lackluster performance might be that it's not clinical like the 35mm XF when wide open. If this is the case please stop complaining about it. I like that character - as long as it's visually useful and not just horribleness. I want Fuji to make stuff like this that can give me clinical if I want it and other more nuanced optical properties if I want those. Not so clinical f2 Fujinon shot at top… love it.

One last thought. Am I the only one that noticed that Fuji has cheaped out on the top plate engravings on the X100S? Less words and techno-junk than the X100. No Hybrid Viewfinder, no EXR processor. What the hell man - I want my touchy feely techy words and I want them engraved. I swear the top plate on the X100 looks better than the X100S. Why not improve instead of getting rid of that stuff. Fuji has more stuff to use if they want to. Like EXR PRO II and "X-TRANS-II". No they don't have to use all the verbiage but that's some seriously good looking letters to mess with in the X100 typeface - not that shit X-Pro-1 typeface. Even if they left it as is a little red "S" would look far better in the current layout than the new actual layout.

Hey - this would cause Leica guys to go absolutely ballistic and declare bullshit on the entire company. Did anyone but me even notice?


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