Fuji X100s - Second Thoughts

Maybe I should have titled this Fuji X100s - 2nd through 4328th thoughts. My opinions and feelings stated in my last post about the Fuji X100s remain exactly the same. In summary I am not interested in any of the things listed in the improvements and feel not one of them will contribute to my photography or the enjoyment of the camera. Here's the rub…

An eBuddy that read my last post let me know that he would be checking out the X100s in person at the Fuji booth in the UK and would let me know if my one nagging peeve about my X100 has been eliminated. Guess what - he dutifully informed me that it's gone, not a trace. Considering his "gone" may not equal my "gone" I am vacillating back and forth and back and forth on whether to grab one ASAP or not.

Knowing how I am I will probably order one just to see for myself - damn it. Then I reverse that and tell myself that I have not even begun to do justice to what my current X100 will do. I did promise to use it more seriously and I did on my last shooting session. Brought it with me and used it more seriously. At least more than in the past. I still didn't use it to make anything besides some out-takes prior to shooting the planned shots. I used it pretty much during prep, downtime, and chit-chatting. I swear I am going to actually use it with more intent.

So that thought process tells me - nope, not going to get the new one. I don't use the one I have enough or seriously enough to begin to justify "upgrading it". Then I convince myself the reason that I don't use it as much as I should is because of that nagging flaw that invades my subconscious and pushes me away from using it seriously. So I change my mind back to - yes, I am going to see for myself.

That's how it's been going for the last two days. If I happen to be near the "gimmie one" button in a particular frame of mind I will probably end up with the X100s. If I am too busy and it doesn't cross my mind at the right time I will probably just stick with the old one until there is some degree of breakage on my old one. Then of course I would get the new one - unless the old ones are 200 bucks…

God I wish the reports I received first hand were more along the lines of… yea it's a bit faster but it still works the same way as the old one… Damn it.


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