The LaRoque Challenge - Winter 2013 Edition

So it's Monday, anyone obsessive enough or just curious might know that I commited to shoot my response today. I also commited that I would post some images no matter whether I thought the first thought that crossed my mind after seeing Patrick LaRoque's fabulous last go-around. Well here we are. I have to say this has been a blast responding to these little get off your rear-end and shoot something inspriations.

Yes - this was the first thing that crossed my mind to shoot. You can read all about my little panic attack if you missed it. After letting it grind away a little I made the decision to just go with the first thing that crossed my mind at about halfway through looking at LaRoque's images.

Well the first thing that crossed my mind was why Patrick didn't wear a blue shirt to really do the yellow in the background up… The second thing that crossed my mind was how different I would approach the same thing. The third thing was that this difference is not better or worse because I really really liked Patrick's take - doesn't mean I would do the same thing. It also doesn't mean that his take on that setup won't infiltrate my subconcious and cause me to look at things a little differently than my default. That's why this little game has been a giant charge for me in my usually depressive state of mind during the winter.

I wonder if he will think the same thing - namely "hmmm I wouldn't have done this the same way" when he takes a look at my response. Shot at the top was image number 3 after two exposure tests. Without further delay (no french that you were possibly expecting)… I bring you my take…

I figured if Patrick could use a tripod so could I. Just different.

Yes I shot lots of these - all using window light. No assistant. Just me and Anastasia. And a cool blue metallic trench coat. And some shitty fabric from the Wal-Mart.

Ah may as well use some strobe as well - don't want to get lazy.

Nope - a motor drive is not the answer in this sort of thing. The only thing that will do at slow shutter speeds is absolutely insure that you miss what you wanted to do. Trust me on this.

You knew the yellow was coming right?

Okay about done here…

Okay one more but I swear they all pretty much rock…

I should probably do some color and contrast adjustments when I am back at my real computer. Too painful on my 11" MacBook Air and this shitty screen and insanely slow LR4 bullshit - WTF good enough you get the idea I hope. Pretty much the same process I use with the lighting field guides - as shot with on VSCO preset applied on import.

Let's call it a wrap. No fancy tricks. Just some concepts a willing participant and a camera. And sometimes a crappy old speedlight. And a piece of paper. And some fabric from the walmart.

Did I succeed? I don't know. I like what I made. If you "get it" then I did - maybe. If not - maybe I didn't. In anycase this has been a true delight in these winter months. Thank you Patrick. I say we end the winter edition when both our outdoor temps hit 60F. Then we move on to the spring edition. I in no way want to be done here. It causes me to actually do stuff. I like doing stuff. Even if it fails.

Oh in the spirt of your last post Patrick… Who's your Daddy now?


Ps. I shot a bunch of images I rejected a grand total of 11 for screw-ups. I love every single other image. I am so glad I did this. It gives me a ton of ideas to do other stuff. Anastasia's favorites are completely different than mine and this is about the limit on what I will stuff into a blog post. I'll probably decide differently tomorrow and a week from now. I am sorry if the color is off I am working off my MB Air which SUCKS for evaluating color in any way so I just imported them. Applied Portra 160 and hope for the best. Whatever. I was going to shoot it with my X100 but decided that was hokey and there was no reason to do that. I used my X100 for my usual stuff. Out-takes before the shoot - love-um If anyone is interested I will post some that are not toooo un-work-safe.

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