Celebrating eBook Release With Free VSCO

To celebrate the release of my first eBook in the lighting field guide series I will be giving away a free copy of VSCO film. The great part is you get to choose which one. All of them are good. I own all three. Check them out over on their site. Anyone that purchases Window Light - A Field Guide within the next 30 days is automatically entered. Yep that's the great part you don't have to do a thing. Nothing. Thirty days from now I will randomly choose a name from the first customers and let you know how to collect. Pretty much sign up for an account on VSCO's site (free) and let me know which one you want. Boom it will be yours under your name to download and update.

Tell me that's not a great deal. No hoops to jump through. No proof that you twitter'd'd anything nada. Yes, yes, yes if you already bought it before this post you are entered as well.

For those of you wondering what the connection is.. here is the story:

As part of putting these lighting field guides together (the others are coming - I am slow) I took an approach to shoot every image exactly as I described it in the outline of my eBook. Nope, no cherry picking. I wanted to put myself in the same spot people who I am writing it for will be in rather than me showing you the very best stuff I have shot over 30 years in locations all over the planet in conditions I may not be able to remember exactly. In that same spirit I didn't want to confuse the issue with local adjustments or custom post processing for each image. I shot it on auto white balance, imported it and applied exactly one click of one VSCO film preset. Actually I set my import preset to Fuji 400H and that's it - except for one or two that I used film pack 03 on for a funky color treatment - just because it was my new toy. Still one click.

That's the connection.

Don't know which one you might want? Ask a few people that have them and what they use and like. All of these tools are incredibly diverse and have enough to flavor results to look vastly different for two different photographers using the same presets. That's just one of the reasons I like them.

Image at top of granddaughter No. 1 processed with one click of Porta 160 from VSCO film 01.


Ps. If you do enjoy the eBook I would love if you would tell some others about it that you think would find it worthwhile.

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