My First 50mm AF Lens

Forgot all about this. It Arrived the other day and it has been sitting here since I have been focused on getting that first lighting series eBook out the door. I bought a 50mm autofocus lens for the first time. Remember the last time I tried that?. I ended up not being able to decide and got a Nikon 105DC instead.

Well this time I didn't even think about it. Just went strait to Amazon and hit the one-click gimmie-it button. Strange things happen when I think about stuff too carefully. Normal people usually end up thinking it through and decide they don't need it. That would be fine but once I saw the $100 instant Nikon rebate on an already reasonably priced lens I was in buy mode.

Once in buy mode if I started thinking it through I would be all over the map and end up buying something nutty like the 35mm AFS 1.4G N and a bunch of other letters. So no though process. I am going to test it out today. Prolly needs some AF-fine tuning so I will sort that and be confident when I go out to use it. Maybe I'll use it for the LaRoque challenge. Thinking about using the location at the top of the post for that as well. Maybe not. Looks dangerous - or at least the fellow I imagine is upstairs with using that sat dish.

I got the last one and it arrived in one day, even with cheapo shipping. Maybe there are more now. At $340 how could I go wrong get one if you are remotely thinking about it. I just looked on Amazon and provided the link above. Looks like the deal is still on but the prices went up because they are selling a lot of them and for some reason a few of the listings don't have the rebateā€¦ check again. It seems to change by the second.

Have a great weekend.


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