VSCO Film 03 - Hilariously Fun

Keep an eye out for what Patrick LaRoque does next. He accepted the challenge - jut to put the pressure on I think we are in for a treat…

On another note - he has been a bit giddy about the newly released VSCO Film 03. So I checked it out and god damn it he made me buy it. Just to see why he was so pleased with it and so I could be a curmudgeon like usual and complain how my favorite Polaroid product - Type 55 - or the little version Type 665 was not at all represented well in this new instant film inspired set of presets. Well 32 seconds into playing with it I am giddy as well.

Yea - I play with Impossible stuff and Instax stuff but to tell the truth it's just playing. Back when the real deal Polaroid was around I was ambivalent about most of the products. I used it mostly for testing lighting prior to shooting real big boy film on medium format. Well I did really really like Type 55 which is the same as type 665 just a different format. It was the only thing I was really sorry to see go.

I shot the image at the top yesterday and just uploaded them this morning. I haven't even figured out which ones I like yet. This is Polaroid 690. After buying Film 03 I have to say that not only is it amazingly fun but has far far more depth than I expected there are an amazing number of looks and the new tool kit is really well matched to the theme. Not only is it deep and diverse but even I am going to put Film 03 to good use - as in use it on images I actually care about.

Here are a few more random samples from mild to wild.

Polaroid 669

Fuji 100c Negative

Polaroid 665 - TK - Old lens++ Tone 665 Warm 1

Polaroid 669 Cold+ TK - Old lens

Fuji FP 100c

It's not a toy as I expected. In fact it may be the best product VSCO has released yet in their very well done film emulation preset line. Color me shocked - I never expected this Instant focused film pack to at all see the light of day in my own use for real work. It absolutely will. Fantastic Job VSCO. If you are a big fan of instant film looks - or even if you, like me, are a bit ambivalent about them VSCO Film 03 is absolutely worth checking out. Great product - and you know I do not say that very often.

Now all I need to do is somehow convince VSCO to fix the Aperture 3 versions…


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