Crazy Warm Is Relative

One more follow up to answer a chat I was having with an eBuddy regarding the color balance and context. In the last post I referred to the overall color balance as "crazy warm". I guess that terms doesn't really say anything if it has no context. The image above is one I would consider regular warm in terms of overall color balance compared to the actual temperature of the light that was in the scene. It's probably what I would choose for this scene with no other considerations besides my own preference. Maybe anther 200 points higher from a WB persecutive and that's it.

Yea I have made images that have much warmer values but definitely not my cup of tea with close lighting ratios and a soft key light - it tends not to happen that way in the real world so that's not how I see it in post either…

As always - adjust to suit your own taste and preference.


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