White Balance As A Creative Tool- Follow Up

Just a quick follow-up to yesterdays thoughts on color temperatures, lighting context, and feel. I realized I forgot to include something that might be appropriate for crazy warm. For me this is crazy warm - in fact I actually went way wonky on color balance to illustrate that the context plays a very important roll in determining what could be appropriate in terms of overall color balance.

In this case the low angled hard source coming from behind and to the right of the subject suggests an afternoon kind of feel to me so I decided to go all whacked out on this particular image for demonstration purposes.

As a strange aside - you may get a kick out of this particular effect. Depends on how sensitive you are to color. Now that you have seen crazy warm on this image - you may perceive this black and white version of the same image differently in terms of over all "feel"… Just for giggles.

There is probably no way for me to suggest to you at this point any other time of day than late afternoon-ish in the BW version due to context effects of the crazy warm image at the top. Human brains are funny that way. Just something to consider when putting look books together with the same subject in similar scenes…

Finished off the craziness w VSCO Fuji 800Z to further funkify the color. BW version VSCO Tri-X


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