The Red

"Hey, what's up with the whole redness thing on the blog?" - you might ask yourself. Well - being old and slow and kind of a curmudgeon about the whole social media thing - I finally checked out Pinterest. My oldest daughter told me to check it out a while ago - I have to say she was right. It's cool.

I have to say that after playing with it for a bit I really really like it. Looking at it from a photographer's point of view it has to be the best thing ever invented. I think in terms of visuals. I love visuals. It's fun but it's more than that. It's actually extremely useful from my perspective. It's not useful in a low level Maslow tool kind of way - it's much higher up the pyramid. Idea books, inspiration boards, piecing together a bit of visual this and a bit of visual that in planning a shot or a project or a look - it's amazing. Give it a whirl if you haven't. Out of all the web2.0-ness crap I like this the best.

Anyway - the red is to highlight all Pinterest crap I added to the site yesterday. Specifically the "follow-me" at the top and "pin-it" to all the images. I tested it. It seems to work. Just wanted to point it out in a big red way.

What do you people think of Pinterest.


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