Happy 2013

Happy New Year to all. I truly wish everyone the best in your life as well as your photographic endeavors. I am certainly looking forward and extremely optimistic about this coming year and wanted to share my optimism with all of you. Someone asked me via twitter what my new year's resolution was a day or so ago. I really don't have any particular one. In fact I don't really do the whole resolution thing - at least not in association with some arbitrary date chosen by someone else. I do however have quite a bit planned for the next 12 months. Some of it even has to do with photography. Here is a brief post on the source of some of that optimistic enthusiasm.

I think I'm pretty much out of the photographic funk that has been plaguing me for quite a long time. It has nothing to do with the new year. It's been quite a process for me but I can see the light - no pun intended. I took more than two years of taking no images. Not one. I started dipping my toe in the water a few years ago and was focused far far more on other's photographic endeavors than my own in many different ways. I found out that I liked helping others and sharing things I have figured out along the way.

I have chosen not to discuss a lot of topics and aspects of this endeavor because I really didn't have my own head screwed on strait about a huge mish-mash of things that I acquired as a sort of photographic baggage. I discretely mentioned sometime last year that I was actually going to photograph a couple of serious projects for the first time in a very long time. I did it. I kept them small, achievable, and most importantly just for me.

The just for me part was extremely important. I photographed them on film. I printed them on wet process paper. They never touched a piece of digital technology. They still haven't and never will. For my purposes those projects were a way to discover what baggage to keep and what baggage to chuck over the side without even a hint of what anyone else might think polluting my thought process. I think I am there. Not permanently in any sense that I won't change things up - of course I will. More in the sense of knowing what I am doing, why I am doing it, and for who. That's why I am excited and optimistic about the future.

Photographically I am in a place that I haven't been since the 1990's. Not from a particular tech point of view - from a psychological point of view. I hope that some of the things that I am pursuing will help all of you out as I venture forward as well. I still plan on providing un-adulterated images - the screw-ups, the random, the raw material as well as some more refined things as well. I still plan on calling out the post processing very explicitly and giving my opinion on the most important parts that have to do with actually pointing the camera at a subject in the first place. I think anything short of that in a context of sharing information regarding the technical process of photography is misleading at best and deceptive for the purposes of ego inflation at worst.

Here are a couple of things that will be new - well at least I hope I can pull them off.

  • First off are a couple of new discussion topics - a bit more specific things that cover lighting and camera topics when actually in the act of making images.
  • Second - a couple of products that I will be introducing and selling right here. Things that I find essential no matter what kind of camera you use or what kind of subjects you shoot. Things that are hard or impossible to find or are idiotically expensive. Some of those things could be made by yourself or improvised as I have done countless times. Some really couldn't. Things I would buy at a price point that I personally would consider a great value.
  • Third some education regarding those products. Some real education that let's it all hang out and tells the whole story. Education that I hope is useful without buying anything. Not a bunch of bullshit marketing disguised as education that shows idiotically lousy before photos that no one would ever make and extremely well done , manipulated, processed, "after" photos where the "after" really has nothing to do with the product like those weight-loss products etc.

Wishing you all the best in the coming year. I hope you wish me luck as well.


Ps. StupidCrap™ image at the top actually has some obtuse relationship to the above post. I will definitely explain how soon.

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