Contact Sheets - Turnabout Is Fair Play

To continue on the note of "yes I still shoot a lot of film" and also to demonstrate the practice of some of my preaching about contact sheets and how much I love them. I thought I would quickly share a hunk of contact sheet that I just developed. Prolly shot a while ago but recently developed. In most cases I don't develop every single roll the same day I shoot it. Especially if it's just personal stuff, family, long term projects, etc.

One of the praises that you'll hear from me and countless others about film is that you are somehow automatically more frugal in terms of the number of shots that you end up making. You end up with more diversity. You get a higher percentage of keepers, etc. etc. etc. Generally it's true but with all things balance is good. I think a lot of those comments that I just summarized above aren't mean't to be a prescription but are more of a reflection of what actually happened without a lot of conscious thought. While all of them are true it's kind of hard to understand exactly what that means without seeing the context surrounding the statement.

To help out with that - here is some context. Namely a block of shots from the contact sheet above that represents the shots that I took over the duration of my granddaughter's lunchtime. The scan crops the shots all the way on the left but I'm too lazy to do it over so use your imagination - it's a small percentage of the frame that is not included. It should also give you an idea about how "OOC" contacts "should" look and generally do unless you really trip over your d***.

Hope you enjoy seeing it all hanging out with no re-do's or deletes.


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