Fuji X-PRO-1 Update

Have been playing with manual focus on the X-PRO-1 and the latest firmware. It's not intolerable anymore with the fly-by-wire Fuji lenses and I may actually get some use out of the fact that the lenses have focus rings. The bigger thing for me that I discovered while diddling around with it was that it may actually be workable with non-Fuji manual focus lenses. Specifically Leica M mount lenses.

As I have mentioned before, I still shoot film. Specifically I still shoot film with my Leica M cameras. I may drop a few dollars for the Fuji M-mount adapter and play with my Leica lenses on it. If I find that it works for me at all that would open up some interesting choices for me in terms of future lens purchases. While I probably would not substitute a Leica M mount lens for any of the lenses that I consider workhorses on the X-PRO-1, like the 35 f1.4, I may choose to by a manual focus counterpart for more esoteric uses.

Two examples come to mind. First would be the Voigtlander Nokton 1.1 50mm vs. The yet to be released fast short-tele from Fuji. The other would be a super-wide. I don't use either enough for me to insist on AF and other automation as absolutely the defining requirements or show stoppers and it would be a nice feature to have either option on my film M bodies that I don't have right now… Just food for thought.

I think the deal cincher for me would be a Fuji firmware upgrade that visually indicated in-focus elements at full frame like the new Leica M EVF and a few other cameras do. Doesn't sound so hard…


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