I Still Love My X100

This is really not about my X100 - even though I really do love the camera. It's more about the miserably uninspiring new product releases this season from all of the companies that we hold so dearly. You might have noticed that I hold off on commenting on these things for at least a day. I sleep on it - literally. I know that letting a little time pass put's my little corner of the internet here out of the running for the place to go for all things new in the world of digital image making but I fear that my initial thoughts are even more miserable than what I usually proffer.

So here they are, a summary of the miserable, myopic, ho-hum, non-newness we have in this release cycle.

  • Nikon and Canon both get everyone all hyped up about a "full-frame" camera in with a APS-C size/price. Instead we have yet another set of 2000+ FX cameras, still too big. Still crazy expensive and not too innovative when it comes down to it. Nothing that really stirs up the pot. The D800 stirred the pot. I was really expecting Nikon to shake things up with the D600… Nope that camera along with the 6D (as well as the 5DmIII) seem to be the thought process of the same committee.
  • My personal current darling of photo-gear-suppliers, Fuji. I forgive them the X10 and the other tiny sensor camera they jammed into the X series. They deserve to make money off of those toys based solely on the brilliance of the X100 and X PRO-1. If I ignore both those and the ultra stupid cousin just announced we are left with the X-E or whatever they call it. WTF? The whole X concept just went right out the window with this one. This is not a little keychain charm like the other ones, it's part of the real X series. Where the hell is the viewfinder? The real viewfinder. The thing that makes the other cameras sing. This is like a really poor NEX-7. How about an X200 which is the same thing as an X100 with the X Pro sensor and maybe an X250 with a fixed 50mm equivalent lens? I hope they get back on track soon.
  • Speaking of a really bad NEX-7. Leica is becoming truly indefensible. At least from a digital body perspective. We get an M10 M with no number with a bunch of shitty evf and movie stuff strait from the schools of thought that everyone else had a few years ago. Ummm, ummmm, no - how about going back to the drawing board and doing something cool like Fuji did with the X100 and X Pro 1, only way way Leica better. Is it me or is that EVF strait from the Oly Pen? Sorry Leica, for that kind of money I expect something a bit better than an ungainly add-on. In fact I expect something better than Fuji. Oh I almost forgot the completely forgettable M-E which can be translated as a rebadged 4 year old camera with less features than the 4 year old camera at a crazy high price. Uninspiring is an understatement.

Did I miss anybody? I am sure I did. What's your vote for uninspired, unimaginative product of the season? I still do really really like my X100. Finally a camera that I carry everywhere that is really not a compromise. At least not a big one. I really hope Fuji gets back on track with the X series soon.


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