What The...

Inundated with printing ten feet tall, 36 inch wide strips of wallpaper, making dozens of portfolio boxes, figuring out how to film the installation, etc, etc - why the heck would I waste the time to re-write this stupid site? Well, I guess I have had enough photo related activity for the last two weeks. Actually too much - seven days a week, twelve hours a day is probably a bit too much production oriented photo stuff. Oh and I needed to kill a few birds with one stone.

I needed to live test a few tools that I am planning on using to build and or re-design a bunch of other web properties over the next few months. Some of them will be built from scratch. Others already in existance will be beaten into submission from a look and feel standpoint. Specifically I am planning to use Foundation 3 and Zen Coding as my weapons of choice with a bunch of other things I am already intimately familiar with. I thought it would be a good exercise to take all of my blog junk and re-do it from absolute zero using the unfamiliar items in the arsenal. It took about an hour from start to finish since all of my historical posts are in individual markdown files.

As for the blue highlights and gray sans on a white background - well that's my little tribute parody of all the current rage of site redesign seemingly spawned by the beloved IA writer and it's blue cursor.

After this current production crunch and catching up on my fiction reading list I should be knee deep or neck deep in web- crap™ so that should get me back on track with my usual photographic topics du jour here.


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