Kodak Selling Film Business - Confused

The current noise all over twitter and elsewhere is that Kodak is selling it's film business. The first announcement I read detailing this sell off was over at the British Journal of Photography. Like most reports either quoting or paraphrasing Kodak's official announcement, there are a lot of words but they are hard to distill into what is staying with Kodak and what exactly is being sold. One quote near the bottom of the report above that especially confuses me was…

Kodak also plans to retain its Consumer Inkjet, Entertainment Imaging, Commercial Film and Specialty Chemicals businesses. BJP

What exactly is the commercial film and entertainment imaging business? This could mean a lot of things. I hope it doesn't mean the Hollywood movie film business. If it does this would be very very bad from my perspective. In fact I have no idea what they are actually selling considering that the movie film business is the film business. From my perspective this would effectively kill Kodak film for still cameras. In any case the idea of Kodak keeping any of the film business while selling any other part of it seems ludicrous and completely wrong-headed. What would happen with the manufacturing, the R&D, the engineers, the production specialists, the expertise built into personnel still standing.

If those management knuckleheads over at the current Kodak keep anything film related it means fragmenting and diluting the only thing that matters. Hopefully the details will actually turn out to be that every single solitary thing - the people, the plant, the patents, everything having to do with emulsion on plastic - is spun off/sold. This could potentially be a fantastic thing for film shooters. Heck we may even see something like Panatomic-X return. How about Kodachrome and a new K15 process that's easy and cheap. One can dream.

Stay Tuned.


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