The Retina Display

Notice anything different since last time you were here? I'll just let the cat out of the bag - it's the typefaces. Previously I cheap'd out and just used random stuff found on google web fonts. For free it's fantastic. If you spend enough time wading through the whole morass you can find some real winners - too bad most of it is utter crap. Having a huge amount of web work to do in the near future I don't have time to find the gems buried in the manure. I am too familiar with the big foundries to be bothered hunting through google fonts so I finally pried open the wallet to pay for a big-boy Typekit account that gives me access to everything across unlimited domains.

I have always thought Typekit was a fantastic service - even just playing with it via the free account and seeing what others have done with full blown access to the font library. The biggest thing for me in the near term is the time savings vs. researching free typefaces for something close to what I know I want in my head. In the medium term I think all of the screen fonts or web fonts are going to start looking fairly primitive and The big name foundries / Typekit are going to have an edge on the freebies for some time to come.

Although I do not own a retina display mac at the moment I do have extensive exposure to the retina display iPhone and the retina display iPad. The closer screens get to what we are accustomed to when we look at typical super high resolution paper the worse some of the old standby designed for screen typefaces are going to look. Even looking at some digital age typefaces specifically designed for screens casually on the retina display mac are starting to look a little cumbersome.

If you have a web presence and haven't checked out Typekit you really should. It's super easy to integrate, has a fantastic library of typefaces, and best of all the pricing plans are amazingly affordable and in line with the large diversity of volumes and use that is the web. Anyone out there with a retina display mac that is feeling the same? Would love to hear your thoughts on how it impacts your photographic endeavors on the beast. Just when you thought Apple couldn't again make you really really want a $4000 laptop - they do it again…


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