Friday Time For Random Bits

I've typically reserved Friday as my fail-safe day for blog posts. The day where I examine whether or not I have posted anything for a week and if not then I sit down and crank out something just to keep myself in some sort of regular publishing structure for this blog. Sometimes I use that time to discuss random things that have nothing to do with Cameras, Aperture, or even photography. Why? Mostly because I want this blog to be topical for what I am doing or working on at this moment - I have a ton of half baked article ideas for Aperture, etc. but to tell the truth - I almost never get back to them because they are not topical for me and that's just too much like real work.

This Friday is one of those Fridays. The Fridays where I am going to talk about a few bits and pieces that are only tangentially related to photography. Mostly because everything I am working on right here and now related to photography is hideously uninteresting to me. Most notably Adobe Photoshop. I am spending six hours or more everyday immersed in Photoshop CS6 doing post production on a zillion images and then finessing them to look good at horrendously large scale. Not interesting to me - one of the reasons I don't write much about PS - especially how-tos. I do want to say something that is long overdue about CS6 though…

I hereby retract all of my negative initial impressions regarding CS6. This is the best Photoshop upgrade by far than anything that has come before. If you are still on the fence about it (unlikely) just buy it. It's not the big things like video or the other headline features it's the hundreds of small things that have been fixed, altered, improved, or made perfect. CS6 is all about everything it's always done just done better. Buy it.

As most of you I am not just a photographer, I have a slew of other things that interest me and occupy my time. Typically when I am immersed in photographic endeavors full time I don't spend my downtime playing around with, thinking about, or writing about photographic topics. I would burn out or overdose eventually - In fact I did a few years ago. No need to repeat that exercise. Instead I am nuts about fiction and reading, cinema, tech (not gadgets - real tech), art, music, design, typography, etc. In most of those things I am a real geek.

In fact there are a ton of things I would love to share but this is not really the right forum. I am actually thinking about starting a couple of other blogs. One for book/movie/television reviews, recommendations, and critiques and maybe one for design, typography, and tech topics - yea I know that sounds like a strange mix - maybe it is. I wonder how many of you are interested in similar things? For me it would be a great outlet when I am up to my ears in PhotoCrap™. Like discussing why the current crop of code editors like Espresso or Coda are pretty much useless for things like SASS and HAML. Maybe even how surprising it was that Ikea, ostensibly a company that generally has reasonable design choices screwed things up so bad and Coke, that is relatively conservative recently created this brilliant masterpiece at least IMHO.

I even feel a need to muse on how Apple/retina lcd's are going to change photography, the web, and other things forever - sooner than we all think. Too bad I still detest all of the eBook publishing platforms from a layout and design perspective. Yes - I have ePub, etc versions of my Aperture eBooks() but I need to figure out how to relate the text to the images in some meaningful way. My images need overhauled anyway but I am reluctant to do it until I am satisfied with the e-publishing tools available at the moment. To me it seems that e-reader platforms seem to be reinventing what we already have in modern HTML and CSS - only we all have to wait for a few years until they get there - why? I don't get it.

On a last note a bit more photographic - I love my Fuji X100. I have had it more than a month and it is probably my most satisfying purchase of a digital camera ever. I love the way the file look. They are a great size for current computer hardware in that they process like lightning on all of my machines. The default RAW conversion in Aperture 3 looks fantastic. The JPEG files are great. The lens is great. I take it everywhere. What more could I want? How about an X200 with a 50mm equivalent? I am not so sure I want an X1-Pro though… Too big? We'll see, I might have to find someone nearby that has one so that I can see how it plays in real life. Just to give you an idea how much I love this camera - I even plunked down the cash for the outrageously overpriced Fuji hood. It's that addictive - it's causing me to spend money on completely irrational things like a $100 hood just because the aftermarket hoods don't look quite right…

Have a great weekend.


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