Zero Progress

I have made zero progress on any of my ever growing list of personal photographic projects this summer. I have also completely neglected this blog. I have gone nowhere interesting geographically. I have made no new friends. I could continue in this vain but the point is that this summer has been a complete write-off for me so far and I am halfway through it.

I would love to chalk it up to being extremely busy but it's not completely true. I have had far more work to do printing, designing logos, and generally coming up with design related things for physical output than what I could consider normal. It's a lot of work for me to do these kinds of things but more importantly it takes a lot of creative energy from me. A resource that I would love to think knows no bounds. Sadly as I get older I discover that - creative energy absolutely has some finite limits. Even things that are peripheral to my main gig this summer, like the portfolio box give-away at the top of the post, are taxing my mental energy.

Sometimes we think it's actual time that is the major restriction in our lives that stops us dead in our tracks in pursuing things we want to do vs. things we have to do but I have discovered that I may actually have more actual time than I have a desire to use it in a way that taxes various parts of my head. I am trying to figure out a way around that - let me know if you've found one.

The purpose of this post is not really a philosophical discussion but more another placeholder for a few things I want to get back to when I have the energy as well as some degree of discipline just to go through the motions of a post at least once a week. As for the place holder…

Anybody up for a workshop? I have a couple of requests from other photographers that are interested in participating in a joint workshop. They will be doing some instruction on shooting in the field. I will be doing some things during non-shooting hours related to workflow, post production, and printing. The concept is a very small workshop that has a one-on-one feel that covers nature, landscape, and travel shooting as well as print making over the course of a couple of days. Mostly in the field with some critique, discussion, and assistance on making prints off-hours. The goal being everyone leaves with a print and gets some education that is fine tuned to their particular workflow, post processing, and printing needs. Let me know and I will keep you up to date with the details and location. Probably this fall.

Also - ran across this site today. Thought some of you may find it amusing. The curator's head is definitely wired in a similar manner to my own. For your amusement…

Revisions required to the hotel california

Comic Sans responds


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