Fuji Finally Gets The Better Of Me

Remember how excited I was way way way back more than a year ago when the Fuji X100 was announced? You don't? Let's just say that I was more than a little excited. Like a lot of people I was very much of the mind that this was the camera for me. Finally a company to get me what I have been longing for in a digital camera. A camera that gives me what I used to have from just about all camera makers in the days of film.

Let's see what we have…

  • Real viewfinder - check
  • Real sensor of reasonable size - check
  • Great glass - check
  • Small, portable, discrete - check
  • Direct controls for the important stuff - check

How could it take this long for manufacturers to get this right, it's not like it's a new concept. Finally. Finally.

Then reality sets in - hmmmm. Insanely high prices and fundamental flaws at introduction. Enough frustration with the state of affairs that caused me to stop just shy of shelling out $1400 - $1500 for one back when they were kinda new but obviously not in short supply considering anyone could buy one at that inflated price.

A bit shy of a year later my X100 notion rears it's ugly head again. A bit of research reveals that a lot of the things that were truly bothersome about the camera have since been addressed to one degree or another with firmware fixes as well as the availability of decent used ones for $700-$800. So I bought one. It's not here yet but it will be shortly. I cannot wait to give you all an up date on how I feel about it in a week or so.

My prediction is that it's going to make me happy. Maybe not as happy as my Leica cameras but happy enough for a digital camera. My real world experience with my small DSLR kit has proven to be a failure. It's still too big and too obtrusive compared to my M cameras and my film SLRs. I will definitely be happy with the out of camera rendering of skin. I will probably be happy with the OVF if it is anywhere close to a Leica .58 finder. I will definitely be happy with it's size. The rest? Stay tuned…


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