Aperture 3.3 Update Numero Two

I was in a really bad mood in my last post where I discussed Aperture 3.3. First off let me apologize for spreading the vicious rumor that Aperture now refuses to update metadata in associated master files. It certainly does. I don't know what went wrong the first couple times I tested it but that issue has suddenly disappeared.

The rest of my metadata complaints still stand and really would love to hear some other Aperture users start making some noise on the sorry state of affairs that we have one way or another been saddled with since the dawn of Aperture 1.0. Especially the keyword import/export situation. My entire attitude would probably be reversed if there was some reasonable options to choose from when importing images that had keywords embedded in them as well as as some reasonable way to apply hierarchical keywords on export. This cannot be such a tough nut to crack.

Even with scattered thoughts and not too much investigation I could probably do it with some scripting and the Aperture Automator/Applescript API no matter how cumbersome that approach would be. Up until this point I have refused to go that route because of my firm belief that Apple cannot possibly continue to let the current situation stand. Obviously I am wrong. Not only has it not been corrected, over time it has been made even worse in terms of import behavior.

If I give in to my most paranoid delusions that Apple is actually targeting me by refusing to fix keyword behavior, it actually looks like I will have to program my own solution only so that Apple can continue to drive me insane by immediately rendering said solution purposeless.


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