Yet Another Low Point in the "Art" of Our Era

I swear I don't seek this stuff out. Somehow it feels like it's jammed down my throat. I guess it has to be considering I cannot believe that I have seen it. When I do see it I feel compelled to comment on it if only to have some sort of historical record for future alien archeologists that at least one member of this species was not a complete and utter fucktard. So here is my official opt-out from this particular piece of nonsense.

Art my ass

My comment left on the original post…

This is absolute bullshit - the man has no talent and no vision whatsoever. Yet another example of inane, worthless, empty (literal pun - actually double entendre), drivel that is held up as some sort of "art" in the digital world. The true talent of the people that make, promote, and distribute this nonsense is how amazingly full of shit they are. The suckers that buy into this as some sort of valuable, insightful, or even creative endeavor are complete fools. Pure Garbage!RB, yours truly


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