I Can't Wait To Buy The Leica M9-M

Wow, look what Leica introduced yesterday. A new camera. I cannot wait to plunk down my money. How much do they want for this Black and White camera? WTF, $8,000. Okay, I think I will pass on the privilege to pay Leica eight thousand dollars for this. Let me be the first, or maybe the second or third to say this is a complete crock of shit.

If you have been hanging around here for a while you know I am not a Leica basher. I actually like Leica gear. I am a customer. I have purchased products new from Leica. I just haven't done so recently and if they continue going in this direction I may never purchase a new product from Leica again.

I don't have any issue with the concept of this camera. Well, maybe I do but I do have an issue with the price. It's essentially the same camera that has been around for years with a few minor changes. There really is not a huge R+D or engineering investment on Leica's part to put this camera out. You could say essentially the same thing about the M9 but even more so for the M9p and now the M9m. What we should expect is that the price would go down. Instead we get the reverse. What a crock of shit.

Now let's talk about the concept of the camera… I love black and white. I am not totally opposed to the concept of a non-bayer black and white only sensor that can deliver more resolution and more speed but let's take a look at how this plays out in reality. Have you seen the demonstration images that have been scattered about the web? The ones that are strait out of the camera images? Are you blown away? Hmmmm. I am certainly not.

In fact, not only am I not blown away, I don't like aesthetics of them at all. They look very much like TMAX in a theoretical worst possible developer you could choose developed to N-1. Obviously I know that they will look completely different once they are post-processed 8 different ways from Sunday. This is the part where it get's really funny… As soon as this initial phase of OOC images stops floating around what we will see are the "real" images from this camera post post-processing. I will bet you a large some of money that to look good all of them will have some sort of simulated grain. Do you understand why this is funny?

Let's face it the aesthetics of the OOC images from this $8K camera leave a lot to be desired. I can tell that just from what I have seen so far. Myself and almost every other person will probably think they will look better if they looked a "little bit more like film". I know that once we see "100% crops" we will all be swooning to the awesome sharpness. Yea right. Who the hell cares.

Cannot wait to hear what the Leica can do no wrong folks have to say about the wonders of this camera. My advice - get yourself an M2, M3, or an M6 an a brick of TRI-X. You will be much happier. Don't even get me started on what kind of fool you have to be to want a $7000 50mm f2 summicron that is probably not noticeably different than any of other summicron.


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