I Love Old Negatives

As I mentioned yesterday - I am scanning a lot of old negatives for a video slide show project that I am working on for daughter#2. I am definitely going with the "hair theme". As I mentioned, she insisted on doing her own hair and styling her own clothes since she was about 3 years old or so. It's definitely unique.

I just had to share a few of these. Check out the hair.

I have thousands of examples. All of them different. A video is definitely the right medium for this kind of thing. I am having very very difficult time choosing the music… If you have any suggestions please please let them fly. I need help here. Even if I don't agree it will get my mind knocked in a couple of different directions from where it is going now which is nowhere.

Even if I don't get some great ideas from all of you at least it might remind you to shoot shoot shoot when it comes to your family. This is the ONLY thing that you really cannot get a redo on…



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