Speaking of Diffusers

While my head is still thinking about lighting recommendations you have to check some of these deals out over on Amazon. Look at the prices of these reflectors/diffusers. I have never purchased this kind of off brand stuff. Until now.

Way back in the day I invested a ton of cash into California Sunbounce gear. Extremely pricey for a forking reflector. Somewhere along the way most of that gear was left behind on a set. Left behind in one of my numerous regional moves. Stolen or just plain disappeared. Having need of some portable lighting gear a few years ago I popped into a local photo store and bought the "name brand" collapsable light disks. A couple of 60" disks and a couple of 48" disks. Not nearly as expensive as California Sunbounce gear but not dirt cheap either.

At some point last year they got a little damp while I was shooting a location job. I think I shot some pictures and posted an article on how delicate they are - the state of them from a tiny bit of drizzle was atrocious. Unusable.

Long story short - I needed a few again. To Amazon. Seeing the prices of the 5-in-1 knock offs I just had to see them. Come now, nine bucks for 32". Around 20 bucks for big ones? They have to be absolute crap. Guess what… they are anything but crap. They are absolutely flat unfolded and seem to be really sturdy. The materials seem to be fantastic and believe it or not appear to be very color neutral. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I received my order. Definitely worth the couple of bucks. I bought the "Fotodiox" brand and the "Neewer" brand. They appear to be the same thing.

Try them you will like them.


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