Photographs Worth Looking At

I do my share of bashing on the modern photography world. The equipment, the subject matter, the aesthetic treatments, and the intents of photographers themselves all get their share of my wrath. You may think I am a bit close minded about certain photographically related things but in all reality I am amazingly open minded in most cases.

Case in point - Mary Ellen Mark. You have never heard me mention her in the past. Have you? The fact is that I am not a big fan of this particular photographer in any specific way. Yes, I know there are plenty of people that fawn all over anything she does - that is what happens when you are a rock star of anything. I have my own rock star idol worship going for other photographers - just not her.

I just saw this project that she did and thought it was extremely interesting and does what I personally believe photography does better than any other art form. Note that I would normally be put off by the use of the giant polaroid camera as a gimmick. In this context it could be a gimmick - or maybe just because "she could" - or maybe the nature of the polaroid lends itself to as well as underscores the nature of the project itself in terms of its raw unedited depiction of the subject matter.

In my mind - this is what photography is all about. If you have the time really look at these images. For me this is exactly what I am trying to do with any of my more serious work. They are the antithesis of the kind of thing that I am trying to undo from years of commercial fashion.


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