Kodak Moments

I am not a big twitter person. Every once in a while I log in and checkout a couple of the people I follow. Mostly but not limited to photography related people and institutions. The big "news" for the last two days has been Kodak's filing for bankruptcy. This is not really big news from my point of view. Who didn't see this coming for a while now?

This is not the end of Kodak, in fact I am enthusiastic about Kodak and especially Kodak film. Maybe this is exactly what they needed to do to get some focus. As you know I still buy and use Kodak products almost exclusively when I shoot film. If you are a photographer you should try some. Even if you don't shoot film on a regular basis I urge you to shoot a couple rolls a year. Not just to keep the products I love alive but also to enjoy the medium in a way that you may never have or just forgot about.

Today one of the trending twitter topics picked up by some major media outlets has been #KodakMoments. Extremely popular with thousands of tweets. I hope that a lot of the over-hyped death of Kodak stories actually bing some much needed awareness and promotion to some of their still great products.

Even if your livelyhood is made on digital. Even if you never see yourself becoming a film enthusiast, there is much to be said for casting off the shackles of computerized digi-cams and all that go with them - just for a day now and agian. Load up a really great old film camera - buy one - they are cheap. Shoot a roll of film. Have it developed, scanned, and printed. Get the prints back - experience the magic and the thrill of not seeing what you shot immediately, seeing them on paper.

I will leave you with this video I slapped together from really quick scans of film or prints for my daughter's baby shower. Every single shot except for the two obvious cell phone pictures and a couple fuji instants near the end were shot on kodak film of one type or the other. I picked shots that were more casual snaps for the most part for the intended feel on purpose. Enjoy.


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