Pulling The Trigger

Done, Well Not Quite

Okay so I have not posted anything remotely photo related since my new grand daughter was born. My excuse has been busy-ness, new years technology resolutions, etc. As I only spend time on this in my spare time, it could be years before I am done tweaking CSS visuals, Javascript nonsense, html, perfecting the hand-built conversion script, on and on.

The major infrastructure has been done since the last time I posted all that techno-babble. Since then I have been fooling around as just described. It's not perfect. There are probably more than one or two glitches. To be candid I have been diddling with little stuff and keep adding it to my list. Time to just go live. The priorities will sort themselves at that point.

Here Is What I Have Done For Readers

Please let me know how this all works for you in the real world. Maybe I will hold a contest and give something cool away for the reader that finds the biggest issue in February. Here goes:

  • Tag cloud and category list are gone. They just clutter up the place. Looking at stats, nobody uses that stuff. Here is what is actually used - post tags in the actual post - the stuff at the bottom that is a pretty good indicator of related topics. So tags stay and I have built a pretty good system going foward. I will clean up the existig tags imported from the Word~~crap~~press incrementally.
  • The old Wordpress search sucks. The new one is regular old google awesomeness. Try it - it works - it's always there even when scrolling down a long winded post. Cool. I can actually find things on my own blog now. So can you.
  • If for whatever reason you made links anywhere in the universe to old posts they all still work.
  • FAST, really really really fast. For readers in the US response time should be immediate. Let me know elsewhere but I couldn't stand using the WP admin interface on my own site. Not just because it sucks but because it was sloooooow and choked up errors frequently if there was any other traffic hitting the site. The site being broadcast via one of the most robust and fastest infrastructures in the known universe. If you are somewhere that it's still slow - let me know and I may even cloudfront it. All setup, ready to go and tested.
  • Hopefully far far better on iPads, iPhones, etc. Check it out - narrow your browser window a bit and see how the content stays and the sidbar fluff goes. Zooming should also work better and more consistently. Cannot believe it but I am seeing a significant portion of traffic from mobile now.
  • Better, faster, stronger RSS feeds. Nuff said.
  • A brand new store. You asked for it - you got it. Yep a shopping cart. You can buy more than one thing at a time now. Check it out - it is the 'eBooks' link up top. Yes yes I know the styling does not match the site - yet. I built a tiny little store for electronic product delivery for someone else and it works great. I just chucked it in. I will get around to styling it. See now that is going to be an automatic priority because it's bothering me. Oh, it even delivers an email to you with the download links. Much easier based on the number of people that send me an email saying… where's my eBooks.
  • All the comments are still there, will all the right posts. Just where they were before. Well at least all of them since the last Worpress database/hack/comment disaster.

Starting Next Post - Photography Again

Thank you for your patience. Now back to our regularly scheduled program. I have so much built up that I want to share I don't know where to start but here is what is comming up this month.

  • Color management. Lot's of color management from capture to output. Remember my ongoing calibration frustrations? And months later same song and dance from Datacolor, my $600 color management system still deoesn't work. There I named names. In any case I am through with it and have evaluated and selected a new solution. The results of my endeavors should be interesting to all. I have some product reviews and practical real world advice depending on what you want to achieve coming up after messing with things six ways from sunday.
  • You do I know I like my photographs on paper right? Lot's of stuff on printing. Paper reiviews, color, printing services, printers, and special output. If you like prints you will love a lot of my agenda.
  • A little film stuff. I know I am one of the few but I love the stuff so I have to talk about it.
  • I do live in the real world so of course digital capture as well. Very much tied into the color management and printing topics that I just covered. Along with some of my love/hate relationships, at least the parts of them that might be relevant to all of you. I do still like my Panasonic LX5


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