I Am Officially A Grandfather

My apologies for keeping away for so so very long. I guess it's been about two weeks, that is like centuries in internet time. I do have a very good excuse. My oldest daughter gave birth to her very first child and my very first grandchild. Yes - I am a grandfather.

The new addition to the family is a 22 3/4" 8lb 10oz baby girl named Leela Andreyevna Khlistunova. Think she might have a tough time writing that in Kindergarden? Needless to say I have been a bit busy at the hospital, visits, etc. etc.

During the course of the last week and a half I did have a chance to make a few observations while taking photos of my new granddaughter - most of them related the Nikon D7000 and TTL flash. Not all of them good. While I do strive to use available light as my preference there are times when that just will not work out and flash is just a hair less ugly.

Here are a couple of things off the top of my head that I will be discussing at length in upcoming posts:

  • With all the vunder-computing, color-matrix-metering, hoop-de-do bullcrap it's unbelievable that the Nikon TTL flash control consistently and hopelessly underexposes scenes with a lot of white in the frame. I kinda remember this is kinda what the whole automated, evaluative thing was for in the first place. Wasn't it? Well after extensive in the field testing I'll give some my guidelines for the D7000 depending on how you have the 300,000 parameters set. Hmmmm 300,000 parameters and compensation vs incident flash meter? Yes we will have to discuss that again.
  • Despite all of the things I have read from all of the on-line "experts" as well as Nikon that there is not really a difference between "TTL" and "TTL-BL" exposure in circumstances were ambient light does not contribute to the main subject's exposure, that is complete and utter hogwash. At least it is with my particular D7000 and both my SB800's. Maybe mine are somehow different - yeah right.
  • Digital skin tones continue to be horrible. At least they are "out of the can" on most JPEG settings and definitely on all the default RAW conversions in both Lightroom, ACR, and Aperture. I have mentioned this just a couple of times in the past right? Well I guess now that I am shooting people with the D7000 and digital vs film only for the first time in a while I will have to discuss some options for dealing with that in Aperture and if anyone cares ACR as well.
  • My current favored lighting gear is WAY too big and cumbersome for use in my daughter's small apartment. I just ordered some gear that should alleviate that - cheap simple gear. I share some of that as well as how I am using it as well. Why do I need lighting gear? Because sometimes the light is just crappy and there just isn't a decent bounce surface to be found. I spent less than a hundred bucks and should be able to get the results I am after. My order should get here any day now.

More Later


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