A Little Down On Digital Lately

I have been a tad hard on digital imaging lately. I wanted to put that into context. The context is that I am a photographer and image maker first and foremost. For better or for worse we photographers are married to our tools and the people that make them. The reason I have been a little down on digital lately is because I am a heavy user of digital. I don't sit away in my little corner of the universe isolated from all things digital - obviously. Not only am I a heavy user of digital capture devices and digital imaging processing software. I am a customer. Yes I have spent huge sums of money on digital imaging gear and post processing software and all that goes with it.

I consider it a right and a duty to point out the flaws and shortcomings of products I invest my money and more importantly my time and my images into. It is in that spirt that I cast dispersions on software and image capture devices that I use. The reason I choose film as a medium to compare it with is that happens to be the only other photographic medium out there with it's own set of qualities, processes and procedures that are quickly being forgotten. Not all of those qualities, processes, and procedures are bad - a lot of them were very very good. I want my cake and I want to eat it to. I still use film where I feel it is appropriate. I use digital as well and want to see it become as refined as some of the things I have experienced with film.

You see I don't want just more of the same with digital. I don't want a continual improvement in ONLY the speed and "convenience" features. There are still terrible shortcomings that we all pretend are not there or become distracted from due to the next new thing that we didn't want in the first place. Man the way highlights are rendered blow - they look like absolute shit - I guess I will have to either underexpose for the highlights and make it sorta look okay - or use fill flash - or do that goofy HDR crap until it gets more like film - I can live with it but it really sucks. Hey man look at the new camera - it shoots like 12 frames a second at like 25 bazillion pixels - I guess I can live with crappy ass highlight rendition for a bit longer…. On and on and on more of the same.

I have also been hard on Apple Aperture 3 for more than a month - no love. Understand that I am also one of it's biggest proponents. Just because I think ACR has come into it's own in the last year or two doesn't have me shouting Lightroom from the rooftops (I know Lightroom very very well - most of my images are cataloged   in both via referenced images). In the spirit of Thanksgiving - here in the US I am going to write only positive posts regarding digital and specifically Aperture 3 over the next week or so. Starting with Aperture 3 RAW processing that I have taken more than a few pot shots at over the last month. I will also chuck in some quick and dirty tutorials on the finer points of Aperture 3 adjustments along the way…

Happy Thanksgiving.


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