Nikon D7000 Preset News and Updates

There have been quite a few people that have been participating in the beta version of my D7000 Picture Control Presets for Aperture 3. More than I expected with all the caveats that I put out there. A few of them have written me with comments and critique - I plan on incorporating that critique into updates if possible and if it does not conflict with other peoples results…

What is surprising is that a bunch of people that shoot other Nikon cameras have asked me if the work with those models - like the D3, the D700, etc. The short answer is maybe. The long answer is that most Nikons that have "Picture Control" share similar characteristics in terms of their Aperture 3 RAW process so in general the D7000 presets provide  something more in the neighborhood of Nikon NX2 picture control settings than the default Aperture 3 processing. Having said that I have been working on and off with a Nikon D3s shooter to get a little more precise as to what is different. The presets are definitely not as close as the D7000 but do get it closer. If there is interest I may also offer a D3s version of the presets. Please let me know.

One last note on Aperture 3 presets and actually presets in general. As you may have guessed I don't rely on Aperture 3 for all of my post processing. Not even close. I shoot and have shot with many many cameras ranging from Hasselblad H2's to Sigma's to Nikons. In many cases I use Aperture 3 only for it's work-flow and organizational capabilities. The UI is extremely fluid compared to other solutions but I rarely use it for the final image produced in terms of post processing. Is it good enough? Yes maybe in a lot of cases. Especially for delivering a ton of images. Is it good enough or comprehensive enough for delivering the ONE image - ummmmm. Not so much.

What this results in is me working with a bunch of RAW processors - Capture One in some cases, NX2 obviously, Hasselblad Phocus (although since Hasselblads new found openness with Adobe in October - ACR6 is actually BETTER for H4D files than Phocus), and of course the ubiquitous Adobe Camera RAW in various versions and flavors. ACR has gotten so much better over the years that in a lot of cases it meets or exceeds some manufacturer's RAW processing software - as I just mentioned the latest development.

What does this have to do with presets? Well I have a bunch of presets that I use that some of you might be interested in. I shoot film - I love the way film looks. What kind of presets might you guess I have spent considerable effort on? Presets that mimic the look of some of my favorite film.  Portra, Ektar, Kodachrome, Astia, etc. The way I have gone about this is not the way you may think. Most of my preset effort has been in the form of ACR DNG camera profiles with some add-ons on top of that. I have been playing with these ever since the beta of DNG camera profile became available…

I have also sort of mimicked these DNG profiles in Aperture as much as possible - which is not the same but good enough for a visual impression. Here is the question - are any of you interested in the DNG profiles for film simulation? How about the not quite as good Aperture 3 presets that correspond to those? The DNG profiles are camera specific so they will only work for Nikon and any other cameras that I develop them for. The Aperture 3 presets are not really that specific. Let me know if you are interested in these - I don't want to go through the considerable effort of packaging them in a friendly form if I am the only one that likes the way film renders color.

Nikon presets for Aperture 3 are here.


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