Really Funny Stuff - Must Read

Sorry for the foul mood and negativity of my last two posts - that is what dealing with the government does to me. On a lighter note but still on topic relative to not only the last two posts but a lot of the subtext in more than a few of my posts. Here are a few posts that you have to read, if these don't make you chuckle, I don't know what would. File this under funny because you know it's true.

On this post you can skip the mildly pedantic preface where the author (whom I really like) tries to explain how he has never been affected by biases of his generation. Go directly to the end where you will find a faux forum discussion on one of HCB's famous photographs. Hilarious.

Forum Discussion on an HCB image.

Here are some imagined comments on various famous icons of photography and their photographs.

Inspired comedy.



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