Look Ma - I Learned Me Some Photoshop

Shoot me now. I have to comment on this. I have no self-control at all. Forgive me. Continuing the train of thought regarding the state of commercial photography, I submit for your evaluation this steaming pile of meaninglessness. Again - I am not in anyway attacking the individual that produced these. He is a commercial photographer and I have to assume that he must make a living - hence he is producing this dog-doo with a targeted purpose in mind in order to sell his services and pay his rent, etc. I am attacking the consumers - not the purveyors of the non-sense.

Let me limit the conversation to the first image. Hmmmm, hmmmmmmmmmmm, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Okay then - I don't even know where to start. I only have questions - not questions of the good kind. Only questions of the bad kind. Don't get me wrong I LOVE photographs that actually cause me to question things - especially question myself. That is NOT the kind of questions that this provokes. More like…

  1. Yes we all know how to make composites. It seems that this image is some sort of statement about making really really bad composites while demonstrating the skill to make decent composites at the same time. Sort of like using techniques gleaned from PhotoShopDisasters in a creative way. Fantastic. Forking great. I really hope this doesn't become tooooo popular.
  2. Is this for the purpose of some sort of children's book? You know like the "where's Waldo" type or the "what's different between these two pictures" type. Only this one you have to pick out the really bad composites and then the reasonable parts of the bad composite like some sort of game?
  3. Is the society that I am a part of so visually retarded that this makes any commercial or artistic sense at all?
  4. Is this a joke? Like the kind you did when you were a teenager with your drunken buddies - "I'll bet you I can convince Ted this is an actual photograph - he is soooooo plastered"
  5. How the hell did I just step in dog crap on my front lawn even though I don't own a dog?

Commercial image making can be fantastic - I have seen it. I swear, back just a decade or two. You know back when we could actually communicate in full sentences. Back when we all sort of understood that something like organized anarchists was a ridiculous concept and donning attire that identified you as some sort of violent criminal was not all that productive and was the polar opposite of what actual violent criminals would do.

I swear there was good commercial imaging - I know that some of you will say that the image did it's job because I payed attention to it. Trust me - I will forget it ever existed by about noon tomorrow or sooner. Where as something like this….

I can remember for decades.


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