Photography - The (Depressing) State of the Union

It's a bit chilly here in Maryland today. Leaves are falling off the trees, meaning winter is coming. I hate the winter. Oh, I also had to go to the DMV today. I guess that this particular combination of things has me in a rather foul mood so please take the following ramble understanding that I mean no harm or ill will towards any particular individual. Take it more as a bad mood fueled take on things I find baffling as a whole.

Case #1 - Randomly chosen bunch of images from a randomly chosen "fashion" photographer but fairly representative of poppycock crapped out as a matter of course. Take a look here.

  • Anything here that is some extremely refined craftsmanship and masterful treatment of the medium? Nope.
  • Any great "moments" - Yes there can and are really really great moments in a lot of commercial fashion work. Yes they may have been "staged" but they are really really great. Any here? Nope.
  • Any story? Any story whatsoever - overt, banal, cliched, or even in-your-face-explicit story? Nope? How 'bout a subtle story that is a little open ended - the best kind? Nope. How about a story with lots of subtext with a few different interpretations - this happens with really great and cleaver photographers every once in a while - Not here.
  • Okay how 'bout a workman like treatment of the fashion that does a good workman like job of showing off the fashion? Well unless this really is some sort of limited market joined at the shoulder siamese twin fashion house I am not aware of, or maybe militants in leotard specialty outfitter ummmm Nope.
  • I think a few of these are even composted onto the background at first glance. Is this sort of like a "look ma, I learned how to do whacky stuff that has no point in photoshop" kind of thing, I am just not getting it. Interesting? No. Creative? Ummm No - unless you are one of those really really liberal types that believes everyone in every action including taking a crap is somehow "creative". Visually or intellectually informative in any way? Not really.

And you wonder why I don't really want much to do with commercial photography or the fashion market any more? In my tiny little limited mind photography has become not photography in any of the ways that give me any kind of pleasure - it's more like a mutated form of the show Jack Ass where people sit around and think of increasingly stupid shit they can do that has no point. At least Jack Ass is funny.


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