Fine Art Photography - Pah, Really

Every wonder why I am so brutal when mentioning the contemporary "art" community? Here it the reason. It's also why I hold suspect anyone that likes to use the meaningless term "fine art" prefixed to photography. This is not to say that anyone who does sucks - I know plenty of people that use that prefix that are really really good. I still make fun of them - mostly my friends. I do this in truth to illuminate myself as to their particular thought process and the best answer I can come up with is that some a$$hole did it and now people feel that they have to use it to somehow make sure everyone knows that they don't have somehow inferior photography in contrast to "fine art". Nobody said these words to me but that is my own para-meaning-phrase of what explanations I have been given in nicer words during quite sober conversations.

Okay so here is exhibit A:

Oooops, sorry that was some out of focus trees I shot to see what the out of focus rendition was for an old lens I grabbed on eBay. Here is exhibit A:

Sorry - that was a bush in my front yard while testing focus calibration for a camera… Here it is - here is the really really fine fine art of all arts.

You see that last one is so damn fine art that it just sold for $4,338,500. Yep, I praise the photographer, he is freaking amazing. For him and his circle jerk of art buddies to be so full of shit in order to convince someone that this is somehow so rarefied - so insightful - so… valuable as to be worth north of FOUR MILLION DOLLARS. Now that is art. I am talking about the full of shit part not the image. In fact this group of art that gets to define what is art and how more better it is than say the previous two images is actually performance art of sorts - either that or they have become so very full of shit that they actually believe that somehow their vision and ability are so so amazing that this crock of nonsense is actually worth many many many many times what people that actually make stuff earn in a year.

I can't blame the artist or circle jerk of mental masturbators that is the modern art community for this. I wish I could but they are just retarded or opportunistic and predatory. I blame the people with the money that actually spend it in such a foolish way thus perpetuating the asinine thought process and culture. I don't care if the print took 5 years for the "artist" to painstakingly paint pixel by pixel with his pecker the image is not worth that. This kind of thought process is idiotic. I would have rather seen the bidder spend his money on a week long drug fueled, 100 whore a night, bender to end all benders rather than this kind of true waste.


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