Available Light Workshop - Brain Dump

So a couple of dozen people from all over the map have mentioned that they might be interested in an available light workshop and there were a few inquisitive souls that just had to know what that might be like. I guess the answer is really up to what people would be interested in as my agenda might last a week or a month or longer. That might be a little inconvenient and just a bit grueling for most non-fanatics.

Here is a bit of a brain dump of what kind of things I would guess might be interesting and useful from my perspective. Instead of getting all artsy-fartsy and acedemic in the syllibus I'll just use some humor to get the rough outline down and hopefully get some feedback from you. Of course I would actually organize this into something a bit more coherent for the real thing.

  • Using the light modifiers already built into your environment both indoors and outdoors. AKA - why sunlit concrete is your friend.
  • What is open shade and using it to the best effect. Identifying the good open shade, the bad, and the ugly.
  • All about windows. North light, diffused sunlight, and bounced sunligt.
  • All about rooms - this is the sequel to all about windows. Rooms matter. The size, the color, and most importantly where you situate your subject in them. A special section on corners - all rooms have corners that make for fantastic background effects.
  • Beating mid-day sun into submission. AKA Great light without ugly itty-bitty blue colored on-camera fill-flash. Oh and also without reflectors that will drive you nuts even in a mild breeze.
  • Why grass is your enemy and some things you might want to think about in vanquishing it.
  • Okay, okay - reflectors can be useful. Here are a few ways to use them and here are a couple of improvisations for the finantially ummm... prudent.
  • Some really good reasons you want to use manual mode and something other than matrix/pattern metering.
  • Special bonus - everyone is supplied with a manual SLR, wide aperture lens, and one roll of 36exposure Kodak Portra (processing included) to shoot however they want during the workshop - or not and some examples of the joy of shooting color negative film with various effects.

Of course I will supply either pro or semi-pro models. Hair + MUA (model calibre depends on price tolorance but all will probably know more than the average bear on directing models and will look good in front of the camera). I am thinking a two day week-end agenda with a discussion in the morning, lots of time and opportunity to work vairous scenes with models. Dinner and discussion with image review in the evening.

Comments? - questions? - suggestions?

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