Aperture 3 Nikon D7000 Presets - The Saga Continues

Okay - so I have been screwing around with the presets that I envisioned releasing to all of you Aperture 3 users for months. In case you think that I have been slacking off here - think different. I have come to the conclusion that I cannot release a product that I feel comfortable with. Namely a product that I would find acceptable as a consumer if I was expecting a quick and easy way to duplicate Nikon NX2 or OOC JPEG Picture Control settings.

It has nothing to do with me not understanding the differences in gamma/contrast - saturation - or more importantly color (HSL values) rendered by Nikon NX2 vs Aperture 2 - I have been messing with this since Aperture V1 when the differences were HUGE on the Nikon D2 series of cameras. Since then it has gotten a lot "better" but with smaller degrees of the same nagging issues. The problem with packaging a canned solution is that there are too many variables to make a product that is easy to use, makes any sense, saves time and produces results that are close enough for me to be comfortable with.

I have sliced this many many different ways and the color adjustments are highly dependent on the color of the light, WB settings when taking the image, and the scene. Matching a color target under one set of conditions is not going to cut it in real world use. Breaking up the presets with a bunch of "if this" then use preset X and preset Y otherwise do something different is too complicated to be of much use. It's trying to duplicate what I do with my NEF files depending on too many variables - it's easier to just do it yourself visually rather than dealing with interpreting the conditions and wading through a few dozen preset combinations.

So… I give up. No one set of "standard, vivid, neutral, portrait, and landscape" presets is going to produce accurate and acceptable results under diverse real world shooting conditions.

About the only thing that might at all be interesting to you as a consolation prize is the gamma/contrast curves that I use to match Nikon Picture controls - unfortunately this only goes half way. If anyone is interested in just the gamma/contrast/saturation presets without the color I will go through the trouble of posting them for purchase for like a buck or something (need to pay for bandwidth somehow…) please let me know - and sorry I cannot move this particular mountain…

The final Nikon Picture Control presets for Aperture 3 are here.


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