PhotoPlus Expo = Whatever

So, here is my report from NYC PhotoPlus. I know, I am a terrible reporter as this is old news considering that the event was at the end of last week and anyone that gives a rat's a was probably being updated via 18 real time feeds. In any case I figured I would give my quite jaded 2 cents.

Overall I was bored. Bored bored BORED. The most exciting thing that I saw was a couple of new papers - actually I didn't see them, my buddy did and he told me about them. They sounded really exciting. I know that you think I am nuts getting excited about something like paper but at least that means a couple of us still produce real tangible prints from photos that we bother to make.

For some reason everyone else seemed much more interested in trying to discover what mo-better-faster-stronger-megapixel crap is going to be available to shell out a bunch of money on so they can chuck the stuff they just bought last year. Who cares. There was also a lot of interest in stuff to publish more crappy images faster and faster in higher quantities to the web. I am serious. Yes - more images faster. Like realtime snap-publish.

Color me not impressed. Actually color me depressed. What got me in that state of mind really quick was the casual conversations that I had with folks that I ran into. I swear I did not lead these conversations - I was a passive participant. With one and only one exception in two full days I did not hear anyone bring up anything about anything but gear. Gear, gear, gear, and more gear. Nobody actually talked photographs and what they were doing, why they were doing it or any subject remotely about how their images look. The entire conversation without fail was about gear. The one exception was a long chat I had with a very interesting woman and I don't even remember what kind of camera she was using. Some sort of DX Nikon maybe? We talked about images and subject matter - stuff that is actually the real focus (pardon me - had to say it) of the image making endeavor.

Here is my gear report - short and sweet. Hasselblad and some other medium format camera makers sell some products that will give you really good looking images (sort of like film does) for somewhere between $30,000 and $50,000. Nikon has an itty-bitty camera with an itty-bitty sensor that takes images that look nowhere near as good as film but look reasonable with not a lot of thought. Everyone has gigantic DSLR's about three times the size and weight of film SLRs that also make reasonable images in the dark with not a whole lot of noise but generally don't look as good as film does but they do it without any thought. They do it fast. They do it WAY better than the DSLR you had last year and will be garbage next year. Whatever reason you images look like crap - the new cameras will fix - until next year. Step right up.

In all seriousness - if bigger, badder, faster is interesting to you Sony is kicking ass in that department. That little flood thing is holding up product at the moment but the latest round of bigger badder faster has Sony producing some seriouly mosterous products. Holy crap. If Nikon and Canon didn't have a bunch of brand loyalty and zealotry they would be in huge trouble. Maybe they will be in a year or two. The A77 is a monster for dirt cheap.

There you have it - your somewhat belated report. Entirely objective. If you missed it don't worry about it, you didn't miss much. If you plan on going next year - plan on bringing some drinking buddies and use it as an excuse to party while doing "business".


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