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So I have been beating my head in learning the new FCP. I am not doing this just for fun and games. I actually have a couple of projects coming up where I must decide what software to use to put them together. It has been 2 or 3 years since I did anything serious with video that "counted".  I had to make a decision to go down the FCP X road which is brand new. Go down the FCP 7 route which I know has some limited lifetime but could definitely accomplish what I needed to do, or use this as a spring board to something else. Anyway you sliced it it was going to be a fairly big job for me.

After doing dozens of small, StupidCrap™ made up projects and chucking everything at FCP X that I could think I might have to do from a video, audio, key framing, and even some custom Motion 5 stuff. My verdict is that while I believe that FCP X still needs some additional features and fine-tuning, I am going to do my upcoming projects with it. At least the ones that are on my plate right now. I have no need for tape and the multi-cam stuff that I may need is work-around-able in FCP X. As for the software itself - it is very deep - way more than meets the eye. Every single time I spend more than an hour using it I find a new and previously hidden gem. Mark my words - this thing is very slick and if Apple does a couple of things that I expect them to do as slick as the what they have delivered so far this thing will be killer in a year or so.

Most of the built in effects, transitions, and titling are kind of outlandish and not really usable as they stand - I think Apple got those wrong for it's intended audience. When I say that I do not mean that they actually intended them for consumption directly by pro level users. I think they intended them to be kind of like over the top look at me demonstrations of what you can do very simply and very re-useable with the $49 Motion 5 add-on. If you are an individual user it's a must have, if you are in a shop then someone must have Motion 5 - the titling guy, the transition guy, the effects guy. The point is you can build just about any massively complex and configurable thing you can imagine in Motion 5 and have it show up in a very easy to use way within FCP X - very very very slick. The problem is that I don't think a lot of people out there just don't "get it" and the few that do, don't care because a couple of things that they need NOW are deal killers - like tape.

In any case please get the demo and invest some real effort into learning it before you just follow the rest of the echo chamber out there spouting off things that they have no clue about as if they were gospel - like " FCP X is missing EVERYTHING" - If I am right the couple of things that it is "missing"  will be dealt with in the relatively near term in one of two ways.

  1. Legacy stuff will be via 3rd party - like tape.
  2. Non-legacy stuff like work-flow - via Apple and 3rd parties in a very very slick way that will make old work-flows look positively medieval. Like the new roles features in 10.1 - when the new FCP is full fleshed out I think it will be more than a winner - more like a killer of whatever came before it.

I know you people are mainly still photographers - so am I - I will get off this video stuff as soon as my actual work starts up. For now I thought a few of you may find this byproduct of my practice sessions with FCP X entertaining. It's every single frame I shot of a random photo session a while back cropped 16:9 and time-lapsed into about 2 minutes. Most shots are 2 frames each - some are 6 frames (1/4 second) for pacing and humor, and a few are key-framed for context.

WARNING - R rated (maybe PG-13) so not work-safe. <iframe src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen allowFullScreen></iframe> Comments?


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