Just Plunked Down My 300 Bucks For FCPX


One day after playing with Final Cut Pro X I decided to plunk down my money for FCP X and Motion 5. I know opinions will vary on what software is best for who but for the most part if you do not have a very very specific reason that you cannot use FCP X, I believe that you are far better off learning it than toiling away with just about any other solution.

I cannot believe that I already got a couple of hate eMails about how much I do not know regarding video, etc, etc. While this may be true, as well as the fact that for a couple of very very specific cases where FCP 7 may fit better into an existing work-flow or environment I still stand by my statement that FCP X is way faster - both technically and more importantly conceptually as long as you embrace the way it is supposed to work. I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of becoming "productive" with it by maximizing the best way to do things but even doing a small job and being minimally familiar with it I can already see how it will save a ton of time.

If you are at all looking to do video and cannot sort out what is what when it comes to FCP X here is a decent read to give you a feeling of why there is so much animosity towards the upgrade. With a few well justified exceptions most of the angry mob is just part of the internet echo chamber where at the moment it seems to be cool to hate FCP X. In the referenced post above the most illustrative thing is the debate between the author (seems like a well balanced look at things) and an FCP X hater. I hope you find some of the "justification" of dispersions cast has hilarious as I do - you know things like "the default preferences don't assume multiple monitors" and such. Ha.


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