D7000 Thoughts and Other Stuff

So, I have been playing around with my new Nikon D7000 and I have to say this is by far my favorite DX sensor sized camera that I have owned. Yes it has it's flaws but it's good, especially considering the $1000 price tag. Really good. In fact the it's the first Nikon that I have used that the video actually looks and more importantly works competetively with other maker's DSLR video offerings. I know I will probably hear from the canon or panasonic folk about how much better their choice is for whatever hairsplitting reasons they have but make no mistake this may be the first Nikon DSLR where you actually you buy it for all of the traditional Nikon strengths and then discover how amazingly good the video is.

One item of note is that ever single AF Nikon lens that I own needed some degree of "focus fine tuning" in the same direction for critical sharpness. I am not sure that I am done messing with the focus tuning but it's worlds better than without. I am sure that I can figure this out but the thing that causes me some interesting circular processes is that none of my manual focus AIS Nikon lenses need anything - they are spot on. How is this possible? Especially considering that the focus fine tuning for the AF lenses seemed to improve the focus accuracy even when the AF lenses were manually focused using the little focus confirmation indicator powered by the same contrast dectection system. Hmmmm I wonder? Who cares, it works.

I have been working on and off to deliver the Aperture 3 presets for the D7000 that deliver Nikon color. They are a bit tricky and will probably have to end up trading off a tiny bit of an exact match to Nikon color for overall useability and general applicability. Like every Nikon Aperture processed RAW file I have ever played with there seem to be hue crossovers that don't happen in the JPEGs or NX2 processed RAW files.

Datacolor's camera profiling tool works differently than X-rite's tool in that their solution provides an HSL "preset" to match it's color chart. Esentially I am doing the same thing but matching Nikon software instead of a color chart standard. I may just have to buy their software to see how well it separates some of the colors that are tricky to deal with using the same method and tool set. I will bet that the don't do any better but my curiousity usually gets the better of me and I just have to know. In any case I hope to have version 1 of the presets done in the next week or so.

On a final note I have been thinking a lot about the amount of gear that I haul with me depending on varying circumstances. As of this moment I have not settled on a personal answer for myself. I am trying to stick to something I started over a year ago. Starting with an empty bag on every outing and loading it with what I think I will need. I still find myself dragging too much along in most cases. Paranoia? Too much boy scout mentality. Too ambitious? Indecision? I don't know but I am going to take a very hard look over the next couple of months at varying alternatives and try to take only what I really really need.

I will try to follow up with all of you that suffer from the same affliction with some of my whacky thought processes as well as some comparison photos and let you know where I went wrong and where I went right.


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