Amusing Self-realizations

Ever have some amusing self-realizations? It doesn't happen often, when it does I am usually amused. This happens every once in a while - I had a friend some time ago that I often confounded, confused, frustrated, and angered because the way my head works and how I arrive at conclusions were so very different than the way she got to the same place. S0 why were we friends? Because of the very notion that we arrived at the same place. I never really took any of her frustration at my thought processes seriously. In fact I didn't really even understand what the hell she was talking about since my inner workings were so blatantly obvious to me and her thought processes were also blatantly obvious to me as well. So I really didn't "get it" that she didn't "get it" when it came to my completely insufficient explanations of my inner gear grinding.

How did I have this recent realization? Quite simply because a lot of my own philosophy regarding photographic endeavors are echoed by the author of a blog that I have been following recently. Let me revise that a little - the conclusions the author reaches are exactly the same conclusions I have come to but his thought process and pathway to that conclusion are so vastly different than mine that I get what she found vexing in our relationship , well at least on that one point there were many many others that are irrelevant to this conversation.

Realize that this was not just one post of his but quite a few on quite a number of very different specific conclusions. Case in point: Here is a post that is mostly an explanation of the way his own internal gears grind things and a loose conclusion. Depending on how your gears grind this may make a lot of sense to you or not. For me it doesn't but it gets to the same exact end result as this post of mine, or this one, or this one, as well as a bunch of other loosely connected stuff I have posted here over the last few years. It's just that the way his head works is so completely different than mine that I don't even get his thought process - yes I understand all the words and understand/agree with his conclusions but they path he took is very muddy to me and doesn't generate the same connections as it does to him.

In any case I thought a few of you may be interested in his blog - yes this is the kind of stuff I read.


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