Aperture and Color Management - Hopeless?

Okay - this is going to be a quick one considering I am really annoyed and quite pissed off. Remember this post about monitor calibration? Well, I got exactly nowhere - I put down my money, I put in the time, I have been extremely patient (not one of my strong points) and here is what I got as the last update… THREE F'ING WEEKS AGO. And yes I followed up.


I haven't heard anything beyond what they told me before. I guess they are working on other things. I would think Apple would be all over this seeing as it's their doing. They are messing with the profiles like they know better how it should be done. Have you tried it with Lion yet? I don't have it yet, but it would be interesting to see if the problem changes with the new OS. I don't have anything more to tell you.XXXXXX, Technical Support Representative

Name redacted to protect the innocent. I did send a response to this with a bunch of requirements for me to be a little bit more comfortable with this complete bullshit response. You gotta love the "they", "they", "they". You have got t0 be kidding me right? I am at the point of almost being frustrated here. Almost, on the precipice, at the edge…

More to come.


Ps. Oh forgot the punchline here - the "evidence" that this IS an Apple issue is two links to idiots complaining on an apple support forum a couple of years ago. Hmmm hope they are not waiting for those couple guys to figure this out. I really really am about to call bullshit on this. Either they can come up with an answer or withdraw their product as somehow worthwhile at all in their chosen market.

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