Friday Photo Thoughts

A couple of photo related thoughts for Friday of the holiday weekend and the unofficial end of summer. Hope all  of you out there have some fantastic plans for the long weekend. Me, I am just going to take it easy and try to get over this summertime flu that I have had for going on a week. So here is the round up of random stuff…

  • Love my new D7000 - a bit small for all the controls demanding your attention but not small enough for a compact. Don't get me wrong - it makes high quality images very quickly but cannot understand why cameras this big don't have FX sensors.It's not HUGE but it is at least as big as an FM or FE. Be careful for what you ask for - want a button dedicated to everything? D7000's got them but man they are small and jammed up if you are used to using something like a D3. I think there are trade offs to be made and don't know if we have seen a perfect balance yet. It seems that we either get tons of um that defy making a camera really compact / really fiddly or we get not enough and a bunch of menu bullshit. In any case my criticism of the D7000 is minor - this is the best DX camera yet. Unless you shoot lots of frames at full blast don't worry about the buffer size crap you hear - this thing is fast and is pretty hard to jamb you up taking images of normal stuff, in normal contexts. Honestly, if you can't get your shot before you jamb this buffer up you need to rethink what the hell you are doing. The presets for Aperture 3 have been started - man the color is tricky to replicate in Aperture I am thinking that I will be able to either get really close on most of them and totally screw up some not to often seen colors or compromise "exactness" for a more universal overall effect. The Nikon blue renderings are a bear to get even near "correct" in Aperture 3. On a bright note - the reds are not really off like they were in some older cameras from my test shots so far.
  • Clarification on my X100 rant from the other day. I will probably buy an X100 sooner or later. I just will not do it at the ridiculously inflated prices that we have seen. I will also not "order" one with no definitive and reasonably close delivery date. My parameters are more likely to be when they are readily available at the typical "street price" - meaning a hundred or two less than MSRP from just about anywhere.
  • Woooohooooo we get a Fuji X10 in November - who cares. Will I get one ?- maybe. Will it totally kill the LX5? Doubt it. What will probably happen is they will sell for over the MSRP's already inflated $600 price tag for quite a while until the technology goes rotten like all digi-cams. I do like the design and I do like that it has an OVF - what's not to like about that. Unbelievable that only one guy out there is doing anything close to what photo people have wanted in an alternative camera with the X100. This means we get to pay WAY more than we should be paying. Me - I will wait and see - there is nothing super magical about the X10 or X100 except for that it does get a couple thing right that other companies cannot seem to understand no matter how loud the market screams. I do think if these things are selling for more than $600 when they are actually available that you have to be on crack to buy one of them vs say a NEX or D5100 or whatever.
  • The "tweet" yesterday from Nikon asking if there were people still shooting film. Of course I answered them. Wonder what possessed them to tweet about film? Curious. Maybe they have had it with digital chaos as well?  Doubt it but still curious. The number of people that still shoot film in Japan is still unbelievable, relatively speaking. Curious?

Have a great holiday.


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