Aperture 3 and The Nikon D7000

I few days ago, way back before the hurricane, I posted a survey to determine if there were people interested in a set of Aperture 3 presets for the Nikon D7000 that emulated Nikon Picture Controls. Based on the results I am going to go forward and put these together. Not today though, I have a touch of some sort of summertime flu and I am miserable and not in the proper mood to approach anything that seems like it needs some sort of coherency.

I received the D7000 yesterday and shot maybe a dozen shots just to see if it "worked" and to ponder what I didn't like about it. I will get around to a more compete semi-review in the coming days and weeks but for now let's say that it's not perfect but by far exceeds my expectations. To be blunt my biggest complaint is the body is a little too small given the control layout and my idiotically large hands. Specifically the placement of the AF-L/AE-L button causes me some concern in my normal nikon setup of separating the focus from the shutter release. I sort of jamb my thumb into my forehead when I try this - maybe it's just the flu getting the better of me. Well see.

Back to the story of Aperture 3 RAW interpretation being WAY different than Nikon colors - yep, the trend continues for the D7000. The same old story with the same old colors just a wee bit different so as to make my old presets useless. Does Apple randomly figure out how to render colors for Nikon cameras? Who knows, until someone explains this to me I will have to continue to guess at how they might go about it.

For all you non Nikon shooters here is what us Nikon guys are talking about up close and personal for you to see what all the hub-bub is about….

See the image on the left - that is an OOC JPEG (NX2 will render the RAW file EXACTLY the same) the image on the right is the Aperture 3 RAW decode. See the difference? This is only showing a few of the colors on a color checker, the rest are whacked out as well. The good news is WB doesn't seem to be off the way it was for older cameras. The bad news - wellllll looks like a nice healthy dose of yellow green crossover and a case of too much green in the powder blues - typical.

I'll get crack'in on dealing with the presets as soon a my head stops hurting and can hold the camera still for more than 5 seconds.


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